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The Pets
As I mentioned previously, we hardly ever bought any pets.  The only exceptions were two dachshunds named Frank and Francine.  We now have four dogs and each has a story of his own.  My oldest is Pepe, a minature poodle.  His mother died in child birth and my wife raised him from three days old. A few months later he came down with Parvo and had a complete transfusion. As are most small breeds he thinks he is "bad to the bone.'  His problem is that larger dogs don't always see it that way.  We took him to the vet twice because larger dogs had almost bitten him in half.  I thought they were going to put him down but he always came around. Needless to say, he has had a tough life.  He was born in 1988 and is 15 years old now.


Mufasa (Mu Mu) was given to Samanthaon her first birthday.  He was a little too playful and knocked her down and she became afraid of him.  As a result he was given to us to care for..  

Luck was on his way to the Humane Society and my wife rescued him -- thus his name: Lucky. He is a dachshund/chow/sheltie.  He is about 40 pounds but has dachshund legs, or lack thereof.  He has one strange distinguishing feature.  It is a tuft of hair growing out of the corner of his right eye.  It looks like a feather thus we also call him "Duck".


ALF was born on Halloween 2001.  His mother and the entire litter were dumped along side of the road near a kennel.  He is mostly Sharpei with a little wire haired terrier mixed in.  When we got him he grew an average of 2-3 pounds per week.  Thank god he stopped.  He is our viscious watch dog.  If a stranger comes near he will knock them down and kiss them to death.


ALF likes to play ball but he keeps eating the ball.  His mouth is so big he can run around the yard with a softball in his mouth and not drop it.