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Memories of a Special Forces Soldier
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Here is a link to the Special Forces Teamhouse.  You will find a lot of information about the Special Forces.

Special Forces List

This link os a tribute to Robert Howard who received the Medal of Honor at FOB-2 Kontum.  The tribute contains a very accurate description of the nature of the men and mission of the Recon people at Kontum.  I  am proud to have served there and personnaly met and served with three of the MOH recipients - Howard, Zabitowski and Kendenburg. 

Kontum Medal of Honor Recipients.

A Tribute To Those Who Served!

A touching site by a girl who sought out and discovered the story of her father whom she never knew.

Trip To Vietnam.

This is as accurate an account of SOG operations you will see that is Unclassified. It is from the viewpoint of aviators.