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SOG 1968
5th SFGA

My first assignment in Vietnam was to FOB-2 in Kontum.  The link below describes the men and mission of this unit better than I can.  I personally knew and served with three of the Medal of Honor recipients in 1968.  I am proud to have served with these heros and done my own small part.

Kontum MOH Recipients.

 From FOB-4 I was further assigned to Forward Operational Base #2 located outside of Kontum, in the Central Highlands. It was located near the tri-border area of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  We had recon teams operate in all three countries.  My team operated  primarily in Laos.  Kontum wsas about a thirty minute flight from Dak To which was the launch site for Operation Prarie Fire (Laos).  For the most part life in the FOB was relatively comfortable -- good food, descent quarters and comaraderie.  We even had outside movies which were a trip.  The screen was cloth and the Montagnards got carried away and "inter-acted" with the movies by shooting up the screen.  When the "Green Berets" played we changed the screen almost every night.

Aerial of FOB-2

Every Friday we "Cooked out".

To dispel a popular myth, please note what we are drinking.  The men I recognize are Gil Secor without a shirt, and 1LT Hamrick, seating across from him.  All was not work so I have included a few shots from our "Club".

Percy Hudson with black hair.

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Launch Site 1, Dak To


The mortar pit took a direct hit. The base plate WAS cemented in.

Outside mortar pit. All of the damage was inside -- not what was intended!

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ST Delaware

1Lt Hamrick was my asst. Tm. Ldr.(11) He later became a Covey Rider(FAC Observer).






Vietnamese girl in the Club/mess hall.

Hamrick, Rhode and me in the back.

Promotion party for CPT Ethridgs, senion FAC observor (Covey Rider).

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LS-1 Dak To

Dak To was the site of a Base Camp for the 4th ID as well as SF Det. A-244.  It was close to the Lao border and we used it as an assembly point from which to launch and extract our recon teams.  We shared the commo bunker of A-244 with the A-Team.  When I was there the camp was practically deserted.  Most of the troops and half of the A-Team members were opening up a new camp at Ben Het which was even closer to the border.  I have no pictures of personnel but a few to show what the camp was like.

AM/CW side, notice we still had the GRC-109.

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Fellow operator but can't recall his name.

The recon teams primarily operated in the tr-border region of the Ho-Chi-Minh Trail.  From here the NVA turned east into Vietnam or continued south to Cambodia and then into RVN.  Our mission was to observe movement and harrass.  We had other secondary missions.  In order to maintain the cability of 24 hour radio communications between the teams and Hq  radio relay sites were established.  "Leghorn" was one of these.  After a short stint at LS-1 I pulled a tour on Leghorn.  It was to be for two weeks but became considerably longer because of Tet 1968.  Leghorn was sited at the top of a very steem mountain/rock.  I always felt pretty secure up there though the site was mortared in November.



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ST Delaware


This link will explain how I became a member of ST Delaeare and how I became the Team leader.




I have many pictures of my stay at FOB-2.  They are general pictures of the Base, then I will show the Launch Site (LS1) which was located at Dak To.  From here we will go to the Radio Relay Site (Leghorn) which was located in Laos.  I was then assigned to Recon Team Delaware.  On the first day my team leader, Linwood Martin was killed and I inherited the team. The shower room was named after him: "Martin Manor".  I don't recall who beat him to the latrine. You will notice from the aerial shots that FOB-2 is really two camps in one.  The MSR (Main Supply Route, army for highway) ran right through the middle of the camp.  During lock-down these two camps were separated.

My Room
House keeper. She kept my room and cloths in presentable condition.

Secor, Hamrick

The man on the right appears in many pictures. He was TDY from OKI. I only remember him as OD.

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Launch Site 1, Dak To.

The camp appears to be in poor shape because in November '67 the ammo dump of the 4th ID was set afire.  The team members said they took more incoming from the ammo dump than they did from the NVA/VC.  I believe they had to abandon the camp for a while. 



FM Side

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When not on the radio, there was nowhere to go and not much to do. The M-79 became my past time.


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ST Delaware

Me on a Visual Recon (VR).




That concludes my section on FOB-2.  After a couple of months I was rotated to FOB-3 at Khe Sahn.  We went to relieve some personnel who were TDY from the 1st SFGA on Okinawa and were due to return.